To our community of gamers, vendors and friends,

It will come as no surprise that this year the Direct Play Expo that was to take place in May has to be cancelled.

We are saddened by having to cancel, as we had some amazing things in place to bring a great Expo that welcomed and celebrated all gamers, from creators to players and everything in between.

However, we are also excited with the prospect of being able to hit a huge reset button and reflect upon what worked well, what was merely okay, and what we can improve upon.

This time, as tough as it is, is one where we are all likely to lean on the hobby that brings us together, gaming. Gaming is something that unites us, a shared experience that is always changing and always a once in a lifetime experience. Our goal is to capture that feeling and build an Expo from the ground up that offers that same feeling and experience. One that you walk away from feeling a stronger bond and kinship to your fellow gamers, regardless of whether or not you play the same games.

We love the Expo. We love sitting with you and teaching you games, or getting our butts whooped, or just sharing anecdotes from our own campaigns. To not be able to do this in May is heartbreaking. However, as Covid19 tests the resilience of the world, so does it test us. As we all stay home we begin to focus on what really matters, and the volume of everything else just seems to decrease.

People matter. Connections matter. Humanity matters. You matter.

With hearts and 1 ups, The Direct Play Team

We are down, but we are not out. Feel free to message us, or leave a comment letting us know what you would like more of, less of, regardless of whether or not you’ve been to our Expo, a different con, or no con at all, we’d love to hear it.