We at Direct-Play constantly try to share the passion we have for Games with as many people as possible. Expos, Events, and Tournaments are just the beginning!


•  Come to one of our twice yearly Expos or Monthly meet-ups to play and celebrate the art of Video and Board Games.


•  We host Events that showcase the different and great ways gaming can be enjoyed.


•  Tournaments where players can come win prizes and share their passion and talent for the games they love as well!


•  We encourage people of all ages, and experience, to learn how to make games by holding Talks and Panels through out the year


•  We have partnered with schools and game studios to help answer questions about all areas of game development


• Jams and creator events help Gamers push forward and polish their game designs



• We will help connect game designers with publishers to get their games into the hands of players everywhere!