War of the Spark: 5 Exciting Cards

Top fives are all the rage when looking at the contents of a new set. This is gonna be a little different than that. Not necessarily the cards I think are the best of the best, but those are exciting for some reason or other.

5. Feather, the Redeemed
There has been a lot of buzz about Feather, either for standard or commander or any number of applications. But it intrigues me because of how it indicates the attention wizards might be paying to the red/white colour combination in commander. For a historically underpowered colour combination in the format they seem willing to explore new design space to make it more interesting. Here’s hoping for more boros goodies in the future! 

4. Ashiok, Dream Render

Listening to folks, the taxing effects of the newer planeswalkers can be quite polarizing. But I’m tremendously excited to play cards that interfere with my opponent’s game plan and this is the one. Whether it’s the rampant graveyard strategies of modern and exiling their various value engines or just turning off fetch lands, I feel like this could be the key to a cool new deck archetype 

3. Blast Zone

Ratchet Bomb! That can’t be countered! This thing is nuts. A piece of versatile removal for literally any and every format. It can’t be tagged by Force of Will in legacy or countered in modern. I Feel like any deck that wants to punish aggro strategies has a shiny new tool at their disposal. And it intrigues me to see what people do with it(make affinity players weep). 

2. Ugin, the Ineffable

Sadly not a constructed all star, I think. But any time you see this colourless boi in a draft, you’re gonna want to snap it up. It’s everything you want in a game of limited: removal, card draw and inevitability in the form of a wave of 2/2 spirits. I can also see Ugin being the bane of kitchen table playgroups everywhere. 

1. Dovin’s Veto

You know what’s better than a counter war? Winning one with a single spell. Can’t be countered is some rules text I really like to see, and the ability for blue/white control decks to say No more effectively is… Just great. From stopping pesky removal spells against Grand Arbiter or protecting a miracled Terminus in modern, I could see this in 75s or 100s all across different formats. Only time will tell 

P. S. A special shout out to Scott, to take two of the picks from this list and bring Blugin back. It’s time for a reunion tour.