Zach’s Top 5 Anticipated 2019 Games

5. Bosk

It’s a gorgeous game about trees. I don’t even need another reason. It’s on my radar for that alone.

4. Oceans

I thought the original Evolution was fine. The concept was good and the game play unfolded in an organic way based on player decisions. It was just missing a little something. Evolution Climate was that something. The expanded mechanics and, most importantly, the climate changing events added a level of complexity that took the game into the territory of greatness.
Oceans looks to take what was learned with Climate and keep going. The game looks to expand the formula even further with more mechanics, more gameplay modes, more gorgeous art, and a theme that is up there with my personal favorites. My only worry is that might perfect the evolution formula so much that my copy of Climate goes unplayed.

3 Pipeline

I love Euros. Shut up Scott they’re amazing, but maybe don’t look at this one. A game about capitalistic Oil companies taking over natural resource production won’t do much to counter the “Soulless” moniker. Even if the theme doesn’t make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside the idea of another amazing economic Euro entering the world will. I wonder if there will be an “Alberta Advantage” ability? Too soon?
This one makes my list from recommendation alone. The same people that praised some of my most successful purchases say this is the real deal. If the people that convinced me of some of my favorite economic euros like Brass, Concordia, Container and The Estates are willing to put this game up with them then that’s good enough for me. The art style is also handled by the modern king of beautiful board game minimalism Ian O’Toole.

2. Barrage

What’s that? Another Euro? I think so! I’ve already backed this on Kickstarter and I feel like it’s got the 2018 reward for “Did you really need to back that?”. This is probably the riskiest one to put on my list. It’ll either be brilliantly revolutionary or a spectacular failure.
Economic engine games set in a steampunk setting are something I think we can really do with more of. The idea of creating a network of hyrdo electric dams to solve an early 1900s energy crisis seems like just the kind of ridiculous theme that would work in board games. Add to it the great euro mechanism the “Rondel” to manage resource production, unique steampunk meeples, and Nikola freaking Tesla and you’ve got all the ingredients for a Euro game that should excel “on paper”. Here’s hoping it does.

1. On Mars

I love Vital Lacerda games. I wanted to like Terraforming Mars but ended up hating it. This looks to be the game I’ve been waiting for. We know very little of this game but from early reports it appears to take the mars colonization theme and give it that proper Lacerda Euro spin to it. Decisions are an important part of my enjoyment in any game and Vital Lacerda has always done a masterful job making you feel like you’re making meaningful decisions. I’m looking forward to a true Mars colonization game that evolves through my interesting and impactful choices.